Some history:

Being creative has always been an important part of me. I used to draw a lot. Mostly miniature abstract artwork. Also carved art into chalk with the needle point of a compass and in wooden pencils by engraving with the blade of a pencil sharpener.

Around 1992 I started to create music bij recording the sound of a drumcomputer and a tonebank to a four-track taperecorder.
When I got a keyboard, I used some “undocumented features” to turn it into a loop player.

After that, there was an Amiga500 with ProTracker. There was limited memory and no sampler, but a lot of floppies with sounds to explore. Most of the sounds were from the hardcore scene because the floppies came from a member G-Town madness (it was many years later that I accidentally met the other member).
In ProTracker, I found out ways to create delay/echo effects without using a delay and flanger effects without using a flanger with the codes inside the tracker.

In 1997 I was approached by Elias Khodabaks (TheMagicFriend), who was pioneering the house music party scene in Suriname back then, to do some live acts (the first in Suriname). I was known as "Jungle Jo" back then. As the party goers asked for hardcore a lot, I added distorted kicks and hardcore sounds to some of my breakbeat and jungle songs and also created some new hardcore tracks.

Some artists/musicians/groups I worked with are Cedallety, Reinforcement, Rough Impact, N.I.T., Miztha EO, Yogi Dee, Raga B, The Mighty Crew, Slim, Marianne Cornet, JLC, RB & Mally, Sonny Khoeblal, Henk MacDonald (✝) and others.